Zero Gravity (ZG) is a rock band from Chiang Mai ,Thailand that combines different  musical perspectives and different music taste from each members resulting in the crème of Chiang Mai’s finest musicians  ”Zero Gravity”.

Their repertoire is a combination of Thai and English international covers and original repertoire.  Current members of ZG are “Win” vocalist, “Ong” lead guitarist, “Tui” rhythm guitarist, “Ton” bassist and “Taam” drummer.However, they  weren’t always Zero Gravity.  They formed their first full rock band under the name “Private Band” . The Private Band gained their experience by playing in different pubs and bars in Chiang Mai, although they didn’t earn much they kept playing for experience. But a year later some changes occurred  when the “Yoi” vocalist quit the band and was quickly replaced by “Win” the current Zero Gravity vocalist which later took the band to a whole new level.Zero Gravity has a repertoire of 80’s to the most current top of the pop hits. They are a much sort after band on the music circuit in Chiang Mai.

2012 heralds the release  of their  first official single called “Little Bird.” which is enjoying airtime on many local radio stations in Thailand

We know it’s still a long road to success but we won’t give up and won’t stop trying because in the end “happiness is not a destination but it’s a journey.” Says Win lead singer of Zero Gravity.


Lead Vocalist :  Pawin Ratanaswetkul ( Win)

26 years old and Thai Born and a  graduate of the the Payap university, Lead Vocalist, Win,  provides the definitive vocals for Zero Gravity.  He speaks English and Thai Fluently and also some Mandarin. After graduating in 2009 with a degree – Bachlelor of Arts in English communication, he travelled for a year to NSW, Australia on a gap year working holiday.  He has decided to follow his first love- singing and songwriting and is a resident in Chiang Mai where he performs regularly as a solo artist. With Zero Gravity he performs the gravelly and searing vocals in their debut single – Little Bird” and he looks forward to the journey that Zero Gravity is on to international audiences and sharing his music.  His hobbies are Drawing and Painting

Rhythm Guitar: Anuphant Chuntakul  (Tui)

Tui is the  second oldest of the members of Zero Gravity- born in May 1985! He speaks Thai and English and has worked professionally as a lead guitarist for the past nine years .He is also studying at the same time as performing at the Chiang Mai Rhajabat University, Bachelor of Arts in Business English and will graduate this year. He is a regular on the club and show band scene and has performed at The Monkey Club, Warm Up 1999, Discovery and the popular and well known Club Mandalay in  Chiang Mai Thailand.His hobbies (when he has time off his busy performing studying schedule ) are Model painting, Speed Metal and playing pool

Drummer – Jutarwat Suvanthamma – (Taam)

Proudly Thai and studying currently at the Chiang Mai University, Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, class of 2013, Taam has worked in between his studies professionally as a drummer for the past three years .He works with Zero Gravity on their Gig circuit and also at the Inter Bar in Chiang Mai. The other talent that the talented Taam has is Acting – he loves to appear onstage in theatre plays.He is a marathon runner and when he has time for his hobbies he love drawing Painting and Printmaking.

Lead and Acoustic Guitar:  Borwornmongkol Yothadee (Ong)

Ong is a 22 year old achiever with diverse interests and talents . Not only is he a first rate guitarist but he extends his interest in entertaining and people pleasing by studying as well at the Chiang Mai Rhajabat University for a degree Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hotel management.He has In his short career worked as a Chef for the Amari Chiang Mai and also as a musician at the inter Bar. He is very proud to be part of Zero Gravity and is looking forward to their long walk to international fame. He is a lover of dogs and caring for them is his hobby.

Bassist:  Issara Kittikul (Ton)

Thai born, Ton is the oldest member of Zero Gravity. Born in 1984 – he studies at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. His work experience is very varied from Managing the Chiang Mai Tea house to Bartending at the Imperial Mae Ping hotel, he has worked hard to be able to pursue his first love – The Bass! He is proud to be the bass player for Zero Gravity and look forwards to flying high with this band.His Hobbies Include Swimming and Sharp shooting, sculpting and painting.

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